The Big Flood June 2013

The River Ohe, Niederalteich
Our high school on June 5th
Monastery buildings
Rear view of the library
In our school
Clearing out the ruined books

In June of this year severe floods throughout much of Germany caused immense destruction. On June 4th the monastery and the village of Niederalteich were evacuated. In the monastery only the Abbot and three monks remained. The Danube and the Ohe Rivers overflowed their banks, a dike broke in the neighboring town of Winzer down the Danube, and some monastery buildings began to fill with water.

Fortunately the basilica and the Byzantine chapels stand on slightly higher ground and were spared. But the water rose to six feet in the school, wiping out furniture and musical instruments. Elevators were damaged when the cellars of the cloister buildings including parts of our Guest House St. Pirmin flooded. There was severe damage to the libraries of the school and of the Ecumenical Institute. A great loss was caused by the destruction of a large ecological wood chip heating system that provided heat not only to the monastery, but also to the local education center and the village.

The monastery is very grateful to the many volunteers and professionals who helped during the emergency and to those who have sent their donations to assist the monastery recovery efforts.

It will take a long time to rebuild what the flood destroyed in a matter of hours. Thus we need further help.

Of course, we need your prayers and we would greatly appreciate anything you can send in the way of donations. Below you find our account information for international transfers:

                Benedictine Abbey of Niederaltaich       
                94577 Niederalteich               

IBAN No.  DE21 7509 0300 0401 1044 46


Bank Account No.:  401 104 446

Name of Bank:  LIGA-Bank Regensburg, BLZ 750 903 00

                Dr.-Theobald-Schrems-Straße 3
                93055 Regensburg


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Our wood chip heating system (lower circle) und our school (right) on June 5th, (c) DLR.