Building bridges to understanding between divided Christians in East and West and providing living experience of spiritual Ecumenism has been a central commitment of our monastic community since 1935. The spirit of prayer, the celebration of the liturgy and the sanctification of life are the source from which we dedicate ourselves in manifold ways, so that all may be one (John 17,21).

  • All our visitors and guests are invited to participate in the monastic church services in the Roman and Byzantine rites and to experience in this way the heart of these traditions. On high feastdays as well as on workdays of the church year we celebrate and meditate, each in his or her own way, the mystery of our redemption through Jesus Christ. Experience of other approaches to this unfathomable mystery of salvation can enrich understanding of one’s own tradition and bear fruit for those seeking God.
  • In order to deepen and provide reflection on such living tradition we offer a wide selection of events, such as retreats, seminars and talks. For over 50 years our Ecumenical Retreat in August has addressed central topics of the Faith theologically in ways that are more meditative than mere discussion.
  • The monastery setting provides a space in which visitors and guests can encounter one another, as well as the monks. Brotherly and sisterly dialogue can foster an openness and awareness for the workings of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Ecumenical Institute and individual monks maintain numerous and varied contacts with Christians of different denominations and churches, as well as contacts with university and church institutes. To an extent there are also regular meetings with members of other institutes.
  • The Ecumenical Institute of the Abbey, together with the Institute of Christ the King (Christkönigs-Institut) in Meitingen, publishes a journal for ecumenical issues and encounters, UNA SANCTA. The monks of Niederaltaich are active in publishing, both here and in other media.
  • In addition, our monks collaborate in ecumenical forums and commissions, as well as holding retreats and lectures elsewhere.