With the original meaning of ecumenism: Home - serving as its goal, the primary mission of our monastery's Ecumenical Institute is to create an Open House where all denominations are welcome and feel at Home. Not only in the encounter between the guests and the monks who work and study in the Institute, but also in the interchange among the Institute's guests themselves, one can sense the multi-faceted unifying power of the Holy Ghost.

Since 1965, The Ecumenical Institute has been an autonomous facility with its own guest and conference rooms, private study quarters and a library where guests have access to more than fifteen thousand books and a wide range of ecumenical publications, as well as several current theological magazines, journals and newspapers. Since 1953, our Ecumenical Institute, along with an inter-denominational publishing forum, has been publishing the important and widely respected ecumenical journal, UNA SANCTA.

Along with writing, publishing, supervising in-house conferences and attending to the needs of their house guests, the monks associated with the Ecumenical Institute not only lecture and host seminars throughout Europe, but they are also actively involved in many different European ecumenical committees.

The fostering and cultivation of the Institute's national and international contacts, the need to keep the Institute library's stock of books, magazines and journals current and up-to-date, and finally the maintenance of the Institute's premises involves an enormous financial burden that our abbey, through its own limited resources, must shoulder. Despite the ever-increasing costs involved in maintaining the Institute, our primary concern is, however, that today and in the future, the Ecumenical Institute remains an "Open House" for all of its guests, regardless of their religious persuasions or personal financial means.

In order for the Ecumenical Institute to continue soldiering on with its effective and much-needed work, our abbey is dependent upon your help.
Through your donation you can help our Institute and support the ecumenical movement.

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