St. Pirmin, who sent (according to tradition) 12 monks from the island Abbey of Reichenau to settle in the newly founded Altaich, viewed monasteries as outstanding places of earthly pilgrimage, as social and ecclesiastical havens. They were meant to facilitate the search for God according to the rule of St. Benedict and the experience of Church as a place shaped by “largess of the heart” and mutual respect for the sake of Christ. Three concepts characterize the spirit of St. Pirmin House:

  • Ecumenism

In our monastery ecumenical life is demonstrated by our celebration of the liturgy in two church traditions, the Roman and the Byzantine rites. Guests are invited to participate. Through experiential transmission we strive to provide better understanding of the spiritual riches of each rite. In order to provide greater depth and reflection the monastery and the Ecumenical Institute of the Abbey offer numerous events, such as lectures, seminars and retreats. In Niederaltaich ecumenism is an experience for people of all faiths and denominations.

  • Retreat

Leave daily life and cares behind you for a change, encounter the mystery of God, yourself and your neighbor in meaningful silence and brotherly/sisterly dialogue, supported and enriched through liturgical services or walks in nature. This is the way to gain new strength and direction. This is our heartfelt invitation to both men and women.

  • Spiritual growth

God “formed” mankind according to His image (Gen 1,27). Aligning ourselves with this original image is really what spiritual formation and spiritual growth is all about. Here is where the wealth of experience of the Christian traditions can be of help. Our overall mission is to make it accessible, to offer in-depth knowledge and make it fruitful for life in the modern world. Our yearly program offers a wealth of events. We are also happy to design individual event offers for groups on request.

House St. Pirmin was completely renovated and expanded in 2000/2001 and again in 2020, it fully meets the demands of today’s standards of comfort.

Here you can view the Photo Gallery of St. Pirmin House.